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September 23, 2016

Change Ahead for LTC Pharmacy News

It's been three years since the launch of and the monthly newsletter. We now have over 1500 subscribers and the feedback has been generally positive.

Reporting on the regulatory and legislative developments that affect the members of the LTC Pharmacy industry has been the centerpiece of the effort and will remain an important part of what we do going forward. However, that leaves a lot of ground left uncovered.

It is becoming clearer with each passing day that what we do is changing. The facilities we serve are being swept along by the changing expectations of consumers and payers; fewer elders will seek care in institutional settings and new models will eventually overtake the old models that have become so common to us all. Consider the new demands that CMS is making on LTC providers; more accountability for re-hospitalizations, more emphasis on drug regimen review, more incentives to move people out of institutional settings. All this is likely to accelerate change in the way we look at what we do.

This is why the LTC Pharmacy News is undergoing a change. First of all, the regular news will be found at The old site is undergoing a major overhaul and will eventually become a paid site. The general newsletter will always be free to anyone who wishes to subscribe, but in order to cover the expanding breadth of the industry and provide meaningful content to professionals in our field, we will need to invest more resources in uncovering new trends, talking with new voices, moving away from summaries of what others have said and toward original content. In short, we look forward to providing original content on the trends in our industry that you won't find anywhere else.

Moving from free to paid will put pressure on us to dig deep to introduce you to important policy makers, create thoughtful analysis you will actually be able to use, and have significant discussions with the enterpreneurs shaping the new LTC Pharmacy industry. We will also be delivering news and content in new formats with a new focus on video and interactive media.

In the next newsletter I hope to be introducing a new collaborator to LTC Pharmacy News. This will be a name that will be familiar if you've been in the industry for any length of time. Stay tuned for that!

Work continues on the new site and I promise you a chance to take a long look for free before we limit access to paid subscribers.

Thanks for your support and be sure to drop a note with any suggestions you may have to

Paul Baldwin

LTC Pharmacy News

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